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I’ve begun the difficult and demoralising journey that is seeking representation for my first novel ‘The Darkest Harbour’. Up to this point I had total, unwavering confidence in my novel. This confidence is being sorely tested by the querying process (I will write a blog on that separately). For those of you, like me, that don’t have lots of writerly friends to turn to for reassurance, I recommend finding a friend in a writerly podcast. There are loads of them aimed at writers that are mostly motivational in terms of their content.

Here are my favourite go-to podcasts for those days when you’re feeling a bit deflated and you need a nudge. You’ll come away from these thinking ‘how lucky I am to love this magical thing they call ‘writing’.

1. Magic Lessons- Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the blockbuster novel ‘Eat Pray Love’. She has also written a book to help those of us that need to boost our creativity entitled ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear’. I’m sure you can guess from the title that she is all about helping others to live their creative dreams. Some of her older episodes feature Gilbert giving general advice on progressing in a chosen pursuit. In more recent episodes Gilbert and an expert guest advise a struggling creative on how to overcome the obstacles to achieving their goals. Though this podcast isn’t all about writers (not everything is about US, you know?). Gilbert sees all creativity as coming from the same well of magic, so you will encounter dancers, comedians and poets on your journey through her episodes. Their stories have you laughing and crying in turns as you relate and learn. Gilbert is a funny and charming host and her chats are engaging and entertaining, whilst also being gently encouraging. Also, I think she may have the sweetest and soothing voice in the world. No exaggeration. She should do audio novels. I could listen to her for days.

Listen to this: Every guest’s story is different, but I guarantee that you’ll find your episode. The one that resonates with you on a personal level. This is mine: Episode 207: ‘Living the Dream and Facing the Nightmare’. The guest on this episode is a published author who is struggling with her second novel. This is an absolutely fantastic episode that I can’t recommend enough wherever you are in the process. (PS. I’m an otter.)

2. Beautiful Writers Podcasts- Linda Silvertsen

This monthly podcast attracts guests that are big-hitters in the world of writing such as Dean Koontz and Mary Karr. It covers topics such as how to harness creativity, the reasons why we write and how to build up the courage to go and live your dream.

Listen to this: Creativity Saving Habits with guest Gretchen Rubin. Rubin is the author of, among other books, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. This is a very enlightening episode that will help you work with your own natural inclinations in terms of habit building.

3. Ann Kroeker-Writing Coach

Ann Kroeker’s podcasts are proof that the best things come in small packages. There are only a handful of episodes over the ten-minute mark. There’s a mix of really useful content for writers here: from advice on how to effectively use social media to managing your perfectionist tendencies. This podcast is great for inspiring you to write and spurring you on– Kroeker is a coach after all!

Listen to this: I love practical tips, and this episode offers great ones on how to move past those difficult days when you question yourself and get writing #58: How to Affirm Your Own Writing Life.

4. Write Now- Sarah Werner

Werner covers a variety of different topics in her podcast but there is a lot of content focused on creativity and the less tangible aspects of writing. She draws on her personal experiences to connect with her audience and is engaging and candid.

Listen to this: Episode: 30- Letting Go. Perfectionism can lead to creative inertia, and this episode explores the importance of just ‘letting go’.


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My name is Catherine Day. After practising law for many years, I've decided to take the leap, leave law temporarily, and write the novel I've always wanted to write.

2 thoughts on “My Top 4 Motivational Writing Podcasts”

  1. I wish you and every writer could be surrounded by in-real-life writer-friends, Catherine, but I love that you have found a way to gain encouragement to keep at it. I’m so glad my podcast has sent some good content your way. Thank you for including me in this collection. I hope others will take inspiration from your writing journey. As they say in French, “bon courage!”

    1. Merci beaucoup and you’re very welcome. Motivation is a giant obstacle for most writers, so thank you for helping me and so many others push through those tough days.

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